Would my marketing idea have worked?

A few months back, I had an idea for making and selling tattoo soap. It's hard to find soap that you can use on a fresh tattoo, and the competition isn't exactly flush.

The way I was gonna market the product was to send a box of the soap to around 40 artist's in 10 studios. The box would have contained a bundle of soap that they were free to use as they seen fit. I would have also had an affiliate code unique to the artist so they would have an incentive to advertise/sell it. And the metaphorical ribbon on the box would be a small framed picture of one of their tattoo's.

My thinking behind this was, collectively the 40 artist's had around a million followers. Some would maybe follow a few other artist's I had selected. However, if the artists chose to advertise the product, it would have a higher reach than FB or Instagram advertising, could run for as long as possible and be cheaper. I know not everyone would have chosen to promote the product but with 40 artist's involved it should have been a good amount interested.

What's your thoughts, any flaws, any way of improving it?

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