What’s the best way to get liability protection for an Internet/crypto startup with no expected profits?

I'm planning to release an Ethereum app + website which I don't plan to charge for. However it will involve a series of smart contracts which will handle users' money (I will never hold any of their money). I'm concerned that this may expose me to personal liability if my software doesn't work as intended and someone sues me because they lose a bunch of money.

I was initially looking into United States LLCs (I'm a US citizen living in the US), but most of the content I'm reading is about physical businesses. I'm not sure how relevant having an LLC in my state will be if my users are all over the world, and I have no revenue.

Maybe it's better to incorporate in some other country?

The main criteria I care about are: solid liability protection, low cost, low hassle. I don't need favorable tax treatment since I'll have no revenue.

Should I not be worried about this? Am I OK with just a disclaimer on my site instead of trying to incorporate for liability protection?

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