What is the best way to ‘sell’ my credentials. I’m neither MIT or Wharton

I’m late 30s and an art school grad.


I went to a top 50 school majored in something ahead of its time worked and cut my teeth in more than one startup. Making money for others with International experience.

I always call myself an artist.

I have nabbed a meeting with top tier tech people based on my capabilities.

I’m working on a business plan and I’ve got contacts lined up.

I’m also working in a solution based product field. I’ve done my research and analysis and the product brings an ecological solution to the marketplace.

My heart is for good design and environmentally friendly manufacturing from the ground up. I made some intense discoveries along the way.

I’m surrounded by heavy hitters who know how to do this stuff and they have this good faith that I can do this.

I don’t oversell my talents... I’m straight forward and open with my strengths and places I can improve.

Because of my artsy way of doing things I’ve never climbed the proverbial ladders of corporate America. I’m a non entity when it comes to corporate ranks. (ie - didn’t pay my dues, at least not in the normal way)

I went to the school of unschooling and the school of hard knocks.

I told my family at a young age I would never climb corporate ladders... I’d rather climb Mount Everest. I now understand what I was saying is that the journey and how you get there is what I value so much more than playing, chutes and ladders while trying to gain stamps of approval.

Climbing this mountain has not come without risk, but I’ve almost reached first summit. In fact I’m there now.

If someone would have said I’d be turning into an entrepreneur 15 years ago, I would have come out of my art studio and said... “what!?”

But life has an interesting way of getting you to grow. I have a knack for solving problems, I’m eclectic in my style and driven.

If I mentioned the amazing people I’ve come into contact with through fate and serendipity... it’s seems so random.

But it’s not.

I keep saying I’m, “just an artist” but sometimes I don’t know what else to say. It’s such a competitive place of people and ideas... I believe in myself just wondering how this sometime plays out.

Are people cool with this sort of backgrounds? I know I mentioned I am around solid people but when I go for the higher level stuff...

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