Twitter will lock your account if you pretend to be Elon Musk

If there’s another Elon Musk out there, it just became a little bit harder for them to join Twitter.
Thanks to cryptocurrency scams, Twitter is now automatically locking any account set up on the website that makes its display name “Elon …

2018 ABA Journal Web 100 Nominations

It’s time again for the ABA Journal’s Annual Blawg 100 Web 100.  The web has moved beyond blogs and the ABA has as well. Starting last year, the ABA Journal’s annual listing began to include podcasts, social media, and law firm websites (🤢). Given the dearth of response the must have received, law firm websites […]

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Connecting Social Media Accounts

The Law Offices of Reed Yurchak is starting to catch up with the 21st century with the millions of social media accounts. The hundreds of social media account management software. And the various SEO tools for the website landing pages! We can barely keep track of them ourselves! As we navigate these tools and look at what value they can … Read More

Do Something! Power Up Your LinkedIn Headline

Your Professional Headline is the line that appears under your name on LinkedIn. When users first encounter you on LinkedIn, they may not be looking at your Profile; they may see you as a suggestion in People You May Know…

How to attract your ideal client on Facebook: Client personas and custom audiences

At over 1.65 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the largest marketing resources in the world, but only if you use it right. As Facebook’s audience continues to increase, organic reach for businesses continues to decline. Average organic reach for businesses is down by 52% in 2016 alone. In most instances, without sponsoring or […]

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