T-Mobile Beats Verizon Again For Fastest Carrier Crown

T-Mobile Beats Verizon for Fastest Carrier Crown. While speed ratings vary from place to place, the fastest carrier in Tampa, Florida, and the State of Florida is T-Mobile. While upload and download speeds don't really impact day to day phone use for most users, they are a measure of whether a carrier is keeping up with modern advances in cell technology. But, there are many other factors to consider in choosing a phone carrier. For years, I thought Big Red was worth all the money I was throwing at it. But, after I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile, I got more phones and devices, with truly unlimited use, for hundreds of dollars less a month. I was paying $500 to $700 a month to Verizon, and I haven't had a bill more than $350 from T-Mobile for two years. In addition, I have more lines with T-Mobile and I don't have to figure out how much usage each line has. Verizon came along with "unlimited" use accounts; but, Verizon's definition of "unlimited" has always been fuzzy. So, check out this Ookla study, and drill down to your location. Then, check the actual monthly costs before you jump. For me and mine, T-Mobile is the best overall. Tmobilestore Tmobilestore