Starting a company you’re not passionate about?

I'm in a unique position and am looking for advice, specifically from people who've started and run companies whose missions they're not passionate about.

I'm currently working in an R&D institution that has developed incredibly unique, potentially market-changing hardware that's applicable across a large number of (mostly-unrelated) sectors. It brings labor costs down by an order of magnitude and allows for automation where none has been possible before.

The problem is, most of the markets it could be employed in are a) not ones I have direct experience with, and b) not things I'm particularly passionate about. I'm a technology-focused founder, and in this particular case the technology has just been made possible by my team's work, but the actual execution of a relevant business plan involves market-specific work we're not particularly qualified for.

I'm most worried about starting a company whose mission I'm not particularly passionate about. I'm passionate about the world-changing technology, but not the specific markets. I would love to hear advice from people who've been in similar situations, or who've witnessed similar situations (for better or worse).

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