sales rep or no?

hey all,

i'm in the final stages of launching an MVP of a small/medium business loyalty program. it allows users to have just one loyalty account to earn, track, and redeem points across all their favorite small businesses. the software itself consists of a consumer facing mobile & webapp, a desktop webapp for the business to use for creating new loyalty campaigns, viewing metrics etc, and POS integration with Square and other major POS vendors with a standalone app for non-compatible POS systems.

The infrastructure backend uses private blockchain to allow small/medium businesses to share customer transaction history amongst the network without compromising proprietary data or customer privacy. We think this is our USP.

Now my question is...i'm currently working full time at a top employer(makes the list of top 10 best places to work consistently). i love the company & my job but obviously want to eventually pursue this full time.

however, given that this idea requires at least a handful of businesses to sign up initially, what is the best way for me to meet/market businesses? typically, business owners are working the same hours I am(9-5) so it's not the same type of approach I could take with a B2C business where I can market to customers after work.

I am thinking I should get a salesman as an independent contractor to do some of the basic groundwork of establishing warm leads so that I can then follow up and meet with during lunch or weekends maybe. Is this a good approach? Or is it not worthwhile to pursue a B2B SaaS while working full time?

I would obviously love to get funding but from what I've heard you need at least SOME traction before an angel or VC will fund you. kind of a catch 22 it seems.

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