Succession and Selling Your Law Practice

If you practice law, there is one eventuality that should be added to that familiar duo of Death and Taxes. No one talks much about it, but it warrants the same attention to detail. The subject? The end of your practice. View Full Post

Troubled ‘Tech-Enabled’ Law Firm Names Ethics Prof As Independent Monitor

A Chicago-based, “technology-enabled” national bankruptcy firm that has been under fire for alleged hard-sell tactics and unauthorized practice of law yesterday named a professor of business law and ethics as an independent monitor to oversee its business practices.
UpRight Law, a firm formed in 2013 by the founders of TotalAttorneys, Ed Scanlan and Kevin Chern, also announced a restructuring of its leadership from a member-managed company to a “manager-managed” company. View Full Post

How to be a Change Leader in Your Law Firm

We’ve been discussing the NEED for change a lot lately, and while many of us may understand the urgency, and have even begun undertaking some steps to effectuate change within our firms and organizations, others may be asking what it actually means to be a leader of change. View Full Post

New Gmail Security Issues: The Fix And How Lawyers Can Communicate More Securely

Lawyers have been using email to communicate with clients for decades now, despite the fact that it is inherently unsecure and is no different than sending a postcard written in pencil through the post office. This has been going on since the mid-1990s, after bar ethics committees across the country gave lawyers the green light to use email for confidential client communications.  View Full Post