Make paying the easiest part of your summer trip

Stressful moments on vacation are inevitable—but paying doesn’t have to be one of them. Google Pay makes checkout easier and more secure whether you’re in the planning phase or returning home. Here are some ways you can pay quickly and easily before, d…

Nervous Driver Unloads Wheat on Road [video]

After confronted by police for truck be overweight nervously behave driver goes and unloads all wheat he had on the road. Video: You like? Show support: English Russia on Patreon

Today in Legal Artificial Intelligence

I have a good excuse (well, kinda) for posting a link to the full text of yesterday’s Nelson Mandela Speech by Barack Obama. And here’s the video. (It’s more than an hour long.) “And the biggest challenge for your new president when we think about how we’re going to employ more people here is going to be also technology, because artificial intelligence is here and it is accelerating, and you’re going to have driverless cars, and you’re going to have more and more automated services, and that’s going to make the job of giving everybody work that is meaningful tougher, and we’re going to have to be more imaginative, and the pact of change is going to require us to do more fundamental reimagining of our social and political arrangements, to protect the economic security and the dignity that comes with a job.”


Another Big Law “Skunkworks:” Clifford Chance Looks to Break Out to Break Through With 2 New ‘Innovation Units’. View Full Post

Legal Innovation as a Service

I’m planning to launch something new this fall that I’ve been calling “Legal Innovation as a Service.” The concept is a menu of just-in-time, just-enough service packages targeted at specific parts of the innovation process – ideation, experimentation, evaluation, commercializing, success audits, et al. View Full Post