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Adopting in Washington state, one or both of the child’s biological parent must have had their parental rights terminated by a court.

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"I never knew that Washington was a no-fault state so that the indiscretions of my spouse couldn’t be used in court to determine spousal support or a parenting plan."

Adopting in Washington State

One or both of the child’s biological parent must have had their parental rights terminated by a court, which in some case maybe involuntary. Other situations the one or both of the parents ended their own parental rights so that the child may be available for adoption either by a new family, relative, stepparent or some other arrangement. In these situations, prospective parents are best served by working with an adoptive attorney – in some case required by law. The most common form of adoption is the stepparent adoption, in which the parental rights of one parent is terminated to allow for the other parent’s new spouse or domestic partner to be adopted. This is a manageable and uncomplicated process because all parties are generally in agreement, the proposed adoptive parent is approved by a social worker who has conducted an investigation (post-placement study), and the court gives the final approval.

Child Support

Child support is at issue in a divorce case, but also in other family law cases such as parenting plan modifications, paternity, non-parental custody, and relocation – the family courts are required that an appropriate child support arrangement is reached in all family law cases that involve children – this is to guarantee that each parent support their own children rather than the state taxpayers. Child support cases are complicated, but they don’t have to be with the right experienced attorney. Attorney Reed Yurchak has represented thousands of clients with a varying level of support needs including establishing child support initially, modifying child support, and enforcing support obligations.

Calculating child support is dictated by the state using a straightforward formula, below in the helpful websites is a link to the calculator provided by Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). The support is calculated by computing both parents net income via W-2, unemployment, underemployment, business owner, or irregular income earner. It is in your best interest that you retain counsel before embarking on the court calculations of child support so that your interests are adequately represented, issues are raised, and the computation is done without prejudice to you. An incorrectly computed calculation of child support will have decades of sometimes disastrous consequences. Modifying child support once they have been ordered, is sometimes seems an impossible task, even though the courts have specific guidelines in which they may be considered.


Divorce can be the most emotionally taxing experiences to happen in one’s life. Ending a marriage is not only emotionally draining, and psychologically taxing, but the considerations of child support, spousal support, asset division, and much more come into play. When Attorney Reed Yurchak is involved in divorce, you can believe he gives exceptional personal service, support, and strategies specific to each case. Each case no matter how similar the law portrays the dissolution, are unique down to the factors that are described in each pleading.

Our offices have represented thousands of clients in negotiations, mediation, litigation, property division, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, domestic violence, father’s rights, relocation, adoption, gay & LGBT family law. Our offices are streamlined to handle these cases no matter how straightforward or complex, friendly or contested. We promise to treat your situation with the utmost confidence, respect, achieving the most successful outcome possible, and provide compassionate, attentive, personal, and caring service throughout the trial. All the while presenting the adversaries and the court with the utmost respect. Unfortunately, some adverse parties devolve into the gutter with both parties slinging mud. Our advice is always to stay away from this and present your evidence with deference and dispassion. Some of the more complex dissolution cases have intersected with the following legal areas which we have had experience handling to the success of our clients: tax, real estate, ERISA, military retirement and benefits, intellectual property rights, executive compensation, privately held businesses, wills and trusts, criminal law, domestic violence, international treaties.

You can rely on the Law Offices of Reed Yurchak in being a leader in every aspect of complex, untested, and emerging areas of family law. For example, areas of complexity that we have experienced in include:

  • Vast property and debt distribution issues 
  • An array of business interests including majority control of 4 multi-million dollar entities
  • Contested Child Custody including relocation disputes
  • Geriatric Divorcing Military Divorce International Divorce Gay and Lesbian Divorce Divorce through alternative dispute resolution
  • High conflict divorce litigation

Unmarried couples and Washington Family Law

Washington does not have statutes recognizing “committed intimate relationships” formerly “meretricious relationships” – the courts have developed case law to addressing division of property when an unmarried couple ends their relationship. This law applies to property acquired during the course of the couple’s relationship and may be used by both same-sex and heterosexual unmarried couples.

Types of Family Law Cases

  • Adoption 
  • Asset Division 
  • Child Custody/Parenting Plans 
  • Child Support
  • Complex Property Valuations 
  • Divorce
  • Gay & LGBT Family Law
  • International Family Law Cases 
  • Legal Separation 
  • Mediation  
  • Unmarried couples



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