Participate In A Microsoft Survey: Where and How Legal Professionals Learn About Innovation

Microsoft is conducting a survey to understand how and where the legal industry accesses and consumes information about legal operations, legal innovation, and the business of law.

It plans to use the results to identify key content types and delivery channels, gain insight into who is listening to and participating in thought leadership in the industry, and learn how it can most effectively contribute to the conversation by sharing its approach.

The short survey asks about time spent reading or listening to industry news, and about specific blogs, podcasts and other content sources you follow.

You can read more about the survey in this LinkedIn post or go directly to the survey here.

(Snarky side note: I was flattered that they asked me to mention this on my blog, because of my “broad reach.” So imagine my surprise to see that my blog was not among the legal technology blogs listed in the survey. They’ve added me now — I’m the one at the bottom of the list.)