Need advice from everyone regarding my travel app startup.

Little background:

I live in a country whereas almost 10~15% of citizens travel yearly on vacations.

I noticed that almost all travel agencies do offer vacations & packages via their Facebook pages not showing price and listing it as starting from. Also, most of these agents don't have an established website and none has a mobile app.

As a traveler, I find it hard to get in touch with all agents and check their packages each on their Facebook page. I always try to check packages by using Facebook search, but even Facebook can't retrieve the relevant results.

App Idea:

So I started working on an app idea to make it easier for both travelers and agents. As a traveler, you can explore the app for free and check all travel themes, package deals along with sorting and filters.

The package screen will list all details including hotel name, airlines, Days/Nights,...etc... At end of the screen, price will be shown for example as "Starting from $500/Person" with inquire button.

When user hits the inquire button, all travel agents will be notified and each will be able to send their package offer along with total price per package. Travel agent can also add expiry date for the offer like "Expires in 2 days". User can decide whether to accept or reject the offer.

When a user rejects the offer, he won't be able to accept it anymore and it will be removed from offers list or listed under rejected offers.

When a user accepts the offer, it means that he decided to chose this offer out of all the other offers.

The issue I got stuck with is:

What happens when user accepts a package offer sent by travel agent?

- Should he accept the offer, wait for agent to approve the offer, then have 24~48 hours to pay the total price at their office?

- Should I be the middle man to call and handle confirmation from travel agent, contact the traveler and handle the payments instead of travel agent?

The plan I am thinking of is the following:

  • User accepts one of the offers sent.
  • User fills the travelers details, and wait for travel agent approval.
  • Travel agent will be notified that user accepted their offer. --> Pending Travel Agent Approval
  • Travel agent approves the offer and gives the user 24~48 hours to pay full price. --> Pending Payment
  • User pays full price at agent office or using local payment provider. --> Pending Payment Approval
  • Travel agent approves manually the payment, and fills the details sent when user accepted the offer. --> Trip is fully Paid
  • Travel agent submits e-tickets and hotel voucher codes which will be displayed on user trips screen.

Is this the best plan? What do you think? I'm open to all suggestions regarding how the app should act when user accepted an offer from a travel agent.

Note: Please know that I am only looking for advice regarding the user of easiest procedure when user accepts a certain package offer.

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