Monitoring your ONLINE business

Hello fellow redditors/entrepreneurs.

I am an experienced network and IT infrastructure monitoring specialist, currently employed in a rather large IT company, and our department is responsible for monitoring performance and availability of various internal and external sources.

Currently doing a light market research, if there is a need for user friendly, not too technical, web-based monitoring solution for small - medium businesses. Where users could set up various checks that would perform testing on basically anything (server related), a simple example would be, your e-commerce website goes down or does not load properly -> recieve an email/SMS. At the end of the day if you have stable company with income flow, downtime of services usually means losing money.

Obviously there are quite a bit solutions already out there, however, I do have some ideas in mind that could stand out from the rest of the competition.

So the question to community is, are you already using any monitoring solutions? If not, why? If yes, what has been your experience in using particular service?

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