Jabra Stealth – Keep Your Phone In Your Pocket

Jabra Stealth - Small, Light, Bluetooth Headset. My readers know that I am on an eternal quest for the best bluetooth headsets, and I have owned most of them. I do this partly as a personal mission, and partly to educate. However, I have never found one that I can use all the time everywhere. So, I have resigned myself to having several in the bag, to use depending on the situation. Most days, I have my necklace style LG phones around my neck, with retractable ear pieces that I insert in the ear when the necklace vibrates to let me know there is a call. They also serve as my stereo music listening device, and the sound is amazing. However, the battery life is only two hours; and, I can use that up quickly. So, for all around phone usage, I have been using the Jabra Stealth earpiece; which is small, light, and, for $99, is a true hands free phone device at a reasonable price. The major benefit is the 6 hour battery, which covers a lot of ground. What's in your bag? Jabrastealth