How I built an App

It’s been a wild ride!

Six months ago I knew nothing about building apps, I knew nothing about programming at all.

Today I just submitted an app to the App Store.

So, in honesty I have resubmitted an app to the store. The beta version was approved for testing, and the production version is now with Apple.

I just wanted to tell people a little bit about the process and how I did it in hopes it will inspire more people to build something.

When I started it was out of a need. I had a startup that was running on a very basic website designed as an MVP. This was a whole other story. We had spent thousands on hiring a third party to build a site. They worked for months and produced nothing.

We decided to just use a drag and drop template to build the MVP.

The site was not that great, and to be honest neither was business. My co-founder quit and went back to his job. The couple of investors we talked to had lost interest. It was tanking. I still believed in the idea, just not in the execution. We ( I )were going to have to compete in a pretty well funded market, with no money and a crap product.

I personally hate to compete. I don’t mind competition, but only when I have the upper hand! It was time for me to change the game.

So first I completely re thought the execution. The mission never changed, but the map did. I decided to do the opposite of what I have been told. I stoped looking for a co-founder, and most important, I stoped trying to build a business for investors. I just started thinking about the best way to achieve the mission.

This is where the road got a little windy. I knew some of the stuff I wanted to build, but no clue how to build it.

So I started simple. With the help of Google, I made my first “Hello World” iOS app. Then I just started looking up and building any demo or tutorial i could find on the subject.

I would build a bunch of different demos, then try to reverse engineer how they worked, and combine them for a function I wanted. It became my life. 14 hours a day building demos and tearing them apart.

It got me pretty close to what I was aiming for. Then one day something hit me. Alone with no money this was not going to be possible.

The next morning I sat down in front of the computers at 3:00am and just sat. I didn’t know what to do.

A big part of what I was learning was about maps. One day building a map a added fish I had caught as markers. When I built it I remember thinking, “ wish I had this when I fished for a living”. Good note taking was the difference in getting paid or eating ramen.

I had also learned a lot about Augmented reality over the last few months. One demo I built was for an AR tape measure.

That day, I decided to take a break from working. I slapped a couple of the demos together to make an app that would measure and record location of fish.

And went fishing.

The app was actually a lot of fun for me, and the couple pictures I posted were met with, I want that app.

I spent the next month or so cleaning it up, writing all of my own functions, and a lot of testing at the lake!

Every step has been a challenge.

There will be many more to come.

But today, I have built an app that people are using!

Thank you for reading!

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