Google Duo Now Integrated With Google Assistant

Google Duo could see user base soar after Google Assistant integration. When SWMBO was alive, and we were both working, the only way to get some face time was to make video calls on our phones. Desk to desk, as it were. But, those are fond memories, and I am glad to have them. But, today, Google Duo, Skype, and other services provide the opportunity to get video face time with your friends and relatives; but, are you using it? Well, you are already using Google Assistant every day. You probably get sick of saying: "OK Google", or now "Hey, Google". But, every time I need a question answered, I find myself saying it. With Google Duo now integrated into Assistant, you will now be able to say "Video Call So and So", and, if you have Duo installed, the phone will take over. But, don't call the FutureLawyer, unless you owe me money. Googleduo