Dynamic video marketing? How to automate custom videos?

Hi all,

I heard of a product months ago on a podcast (could have been Social Media Examiner or Marketing School) and for the life of me, I can't find it anywhere.

If I remember correctly, the product allowed you to create video modules and then it would take specific criteria to piece together a custom video for each individual based on their segmentation criteria that match those modules.

Here is the use case that I believe this would help me out with significantly:

We get vastly different people coming to use our SaaS platform and so our different video content has to appeal to everyone, which obviously inherently dilutes the impact of the message. What I'd love to do is use software like this to create a highly customized video experience for each person.

For example, for a 25 year old woman who wants to lose fat, she'd see a video tailored to her gender, age group, and desired goal that would show specific steps, social proof, and language that is most likely to resonate with her.

I realize that we could create a video for every possible permutation of each of the characteristics, but if there is software that would make this more scalable through module-based automated technology, I'd love to keep it efficient and scalable so we can use it in a lot more of our video marketing and onboarding efforts.

Thanks for any ideas on this!

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