Twitter will suspend repeat offenders posting abusive comments on Periscope live streams

As part of Twitter’s attempted crackdown on abusive behavior across its network, the company announced on Friday afternoon a new policy facing those who repeatedly harass, threaten or otherwise make abusive comments during a Periscope broadcaster’s live stream. According to Twitter, the company will begin to more aggressively enforce its Periscope Community Guidelines by reviewing […]

Twitter will lock your account if you pretend to be Elon Musk

If there’s another Elon Musk out there, it just became a little bit harder for them to join Twitter.
Thanks to cryptocurrency scams, Twitter is now automatically locking any account set up on the website that makes its display name “Elon …

Twitter is not flawed, New York Times reporter’s use of Twitter is flawed


Maggie Haberman, a White House correspondent for ther New York Times, shared in an op-ed last week that she’s quitting Twitter — because she needs to. Not that the New York Times wants her to quit using Twitter. Most of their reporters not only use Twitter, but the Times’ encourages them to do so – along…

Twitter is a must for legal network and association leaders

Twitter for legal networks associations

I saw in my feeds yesterday that Arizona Attorney, Jill Wiley, had been named the new chair of the board of Meritas, a global alliance of independent law firms. Word of Wiley’s appointment came from an Asian business publication, which by being an influential publication has its stories syndicated by Google News. I subscribe to the…

Assault With A Deadly Twitter Part IX: Battery by GIF

This is Part IX of the ongoing coverage of Assault With A Deadly Twitter. Previous entries: Can You Sue Someone For A Tweet That Induces Epilepsy? (Part I) Can Kurt Eichenwald Get Pre-suit Discovery From Twitter? (Part II) Can You Assault With A Tweet? (Part III) Motion To Quash Assault By Long-Distance Tweet (Part IV) Assault With A Deadly Twitter (Part […]

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