Taking a few months to learn how to build an app. What are some really quick things I can do to make me feel like I actually have my own startup?

I just feel like sitting every day learning how to code really doesn’t make me feel like I have my own company. don’t get me wrong, I dont even have a product yet but I’d like to have something to mentally let me know that I have a framework around me. All i have is a one page business plan. Simple things, like should I

file as an LLC, or build a simple website for the product and say product coming soon!, write an executive summary, make a logo, etc.

I’m not sure if I am making sense, but all I’m doing right now is learning how to built my product and I want some other elements around me to feel like I have a startup.

thanks for any advice you can give.

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I’m looking for co-founder to share my ideas and cooperate.

Hello I’m Lahfatan from Tehran Iran I’m looking for co-founder to share my ideas and cooperate. I have a lot of ideas which can’t be done in my country become we don’t have substructures here and they are not useful here. I want someone to run ideas I sent the message to all the accelerators but I did not get a response. I have been trying for communication for many years. Of course, I know its cause. Just because you are in a country that is sanctioned. It’s like all the doors of the world are closed to you. I’m really tired. Thanks

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Programming app prototype by ourselves

Hi, we are two consultants working in the field of Machine Learning and Data Analytics. We have an idea for a B2C marketplace app connecting people with restaurants. Since we don’t possess loads of savings and wouldn’t want to ask family, friends or t…

Starting a company you’re not passionate about?

I’m in a unique position and am looking for advice, specifically from people who’ve started and run companies whose missions they’re not passionate about.

I’m currently working in an R&D institution that has developed incredibly unique, potentially market-changing hardware that’s applicable across a large number of (mostly-unrelated) sectors. It brings labor costs down by an order of magnitude and allows for automation where none has been possible before.

The problem is, most of the markets it could be employed in are a) not ones I have direct experience with, and b) not things I’m particularly passionate about. I’m a technology-focused founder, and in this particular case the technology has just been made possible by my team’s work, but the actual execution of a relevant business plan involves market-specific work we’re not particularly qualified for.

I’m most worried about starting a company whose mission I’m not particularly passionate about. I’m passionate about the world-changing technology, but not the specific markets. I would love to hear advice from people who’ve been in similar situations, or who’ve witnessed similar situations (for better or worse).

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Anyone have experience marketing on Twitter? I’m looking to.

I’d like to market to the followers of specific accounts I follow and know will be great target audiences for my products.

  • How would I go about doing such a thing?
  • Has anyone that has tried this had good results?

I’m looking to market some posters and tshirt designs to these people. I’ve been contacting a few of the accounts to see if they would do it for a cut but tracking and getting them to agree are not as easy I think as just using their audience directly to market to.

Would much appreciate any good insights for this type of thing.

EDIT: Updates follow here…

Found a link: https://business.twitter.com/en/targeting/follower.html

I’m not sure where to start: https://i.imgur.com/7O8Zuvn.png

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The wait

I have been working on a startup with a friend of mine while serving national service for the past year.

The idea is basically a mobile platform that facilitates peer-to-peer food delivery, leveraging on the high population density in density in Singapore and incentivizing average joes to do the delivery. We have made mockups of what the mobile application looks like. Being limited in capital, we have just contacted angels/VCs that we found everywhere.

We are hardcore believers that the startup can succeed, and might consider working and using our salaries to fund our startup.

The worse-case scenario: What should our next step be if nobody is willing to fund us?

Anybody has any experience in fund raising (seed/pre-seed) can care to share?

Edit:Market validation is done, we have talked to potential users, suveyed them.

Only thing we haven’t do is talk to merchants for potential partnerships with mockups (lol).

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Mentorship: Getting to the top of the pyramid.

Hello Reddit. I’m a college CS student and I’m trying to figure out how to get to the top of the pyramid. I’ve realized that I’m never going to get rich programming. I’m never going to break the 300k ceiling if I’m working for someone else. In college, they teach you all these things about programming, but they never teach you how to actually make money. While a CS degree will let me support a family and live comfortably, I’m hungry for more.

Rich people get rich because they spend their time on activities that produce highest returns. Why would I do my laundry when my time programming is worth $50 an hour? Why would I do programming when owning a business is worth $300 an hour?

I’m paying a ton of money for school, but I’m not really finding what I’m looking for. I think the answer is finding a mentor that can teach me how to make real money in the tech field. I’m just not sure where to find a mentor. I grew up middle class. My whole family is middle class and thus I don’t really have that 1% culture toolset to help me break out.

I spend a lot of my time coding and learning to code and I’m just frustrated because I feel like I’m investing my time in something that wont give me the skills to break out of my middle class lifestyle.

Does anyone here have a success story? Has anyone here ever been able to break out of the 300k ceiling from a middle class lifestyle? Does anyone have any good mentorship stories? Any book recommendations? Has anyone here ever started a valuable business? I appreciate any advice.

Thanks Reddit!

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Ride-hailing startups and startups that employ part-time logistics partner, and their user acquisition model: promo codes. Is there a better, more cost effective way, to acquire customers? (Edit: removed company’s name from title)

It’s nothing new: startups nowadays are using promo codes to attract new customers, retain old customers and burn their competitor’s cash. It’s a battle of promo codes, the one with more cash to burn wins. Coming from South East Asia, a recent takeover of one ride-hailing startup by the other has further established the latter’s position in the region. It’s no secret that ride-hailing startups have yet to be profitable, regardless of where they are in the world. Given their monopolistic position, it’s about time for the latter ride-hailing startup (the last man standing) to make a profit, right? What better way to reduce costs and increase profits, than to reduce the amount of promo codes and hike up fares. Wrong move. Ever since their victory, they have been facing criticism from riders and drivers (for the increase in price and drop in incentives), and a close watch from authorities (for being a monopoly).

Riders are fickle creatures: the ride-hailing startup with the cheaper fare and more promo codes wins their heart. Not just ride-hailing startups, but also food delivery, laundry delivery, personal shoppers, just to name a few. We can’t deny the fact that they’re a dime a dozen, and branding plays minimum role in affecting user’s decision.

What other ways can these startups use to acquire LOYAL customers? Or at least less expensive alternatives. Or are they doomed to be trapped in this expensive and competitive acquisition method, let alone retain their customers?

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Startup Attorney Questions

Hi everyone,

To the extent this has already been asked and answered I apologize.

I’ve been working on and also planning my own startup in my spare time. When I’m ready to commit to this full time my plan is to focus heavily right away on the admin side of things, as I believe it will clear the way for us to focus on the product and service side of things.

Right away I want to lawyer up. Specifically, the things I’d like to have done are:

  • Cofounder agreement, with a division of labor spelled out, and all the normal stuff between cofounders
  • Organizational and administrative documents, filings, etc.
  • Any Regulation D red tape and paperwork completed and out of the way. I feel specifically this is my one chicken-egg issue. I want to solicit friends/family to cover what my cofounder and I are unable to finance.

This is in the USA. I know every state is different, but if I’m soliciting in accordance with Regulation D, will that trump any objection raised by my state?

One, is there anything critical I’m leaving out? I’m not worried at all about names, trademarks, things of that nature. I don’t feel I need EVERY single detail covered, just the critical and most important ones that could torpedo the whole thing.

Two, how much can I expect to spend with some kind of boilerplate startup package? I don’t have a ton of money, only about $8,000 saved up, and I realize what I’m asking an attorney to do mostly relates to their time.

Is it ok for me to ask for a referral here? Obviously, I can use the internet and I’ve seen plenty of attorneys around the nation who do startup work. I just don’t trust my experience in this matter to select an attorney that gives me the best value.

Thanks for your help.

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