A New Broadband Super Highway—Just for Cops

All states have opted in to FirstNet, meaning that they agreed not to build their own competing broadband lanes for law enforcement and public safety. AT&T says that FirstNet’s core — the infrastructure that isolates police traffic from the commercial network — had become operational at last. “It’s like having a super highway that only public safety can use,” the company says.

Draft Police Reform Plan is Unveiled in Chicago

The 225-page consent decree addresses virtually every aspect of policing in Chicago and the controversies engulfing it in recent years: use of force and how it’s reported; community policing; accountability and transparency; recruitment, hiring and promotions; training and supervision; officer wellness; crisis intervention and data management.

FL Officer Admits Falsifying Arrest Warrants

The federal investigation into a handful of former Biscayne Park, Fl., police officers accused of framing innocent people widened this week, when another cop was accused of falsifying arrest warrants for two men at the direction of the police chief.

NC Police Department Shut Down After Chief’s Arrest

All police operations in Southport, N.C., have been suspended and the entire force placed on paid administrative leave after the city’s police chief and a lieutenant were arrested Thursday and charged with double-dipping at a second job while on the clock at the police department. Mayor Jerry Dove says the case was a shock.

Georgia Officers Fired in Coin-Flipping Case

Two Roswell, Ga., police officers who were caught on video flipping a virtual coin to determine if a speeding motorist would go to jail were fired on Thursday. The driver eventually was handcuffed and placed in the patrol car.

Critics Say Police Gang Databases Go Too Far

Police say databases are helpful for solving crimes with gang connections. Advocates for minorities say the databases can unfairly expose innocent people to the criminal justice system.

Milwaukee Police Officer Killed by Suspect

The officer was shot at a residence where he had gone to seek a person wanted on drug and gun violations. It is the second line-of-duty death of a city officer this summer after no officer deaths in 22 years.

Black Men Named Top Police Executives in Boston, Albany

William Gross, a 33-year Boston police veteran, was named to succeed William Evans, who is retiring after four years as the city’s top cop. Albany, N.Y., has also hired a new black chief–Eric Hawkins, currently a police executive in suburban Detroit.