LPT: When going through TSA, if you are a male with a smaller/thinner frame and a larger “member”, make sure it sits “straight up” in your boxers rather than off to one side. Otherwise, it will quite often register as a foreign object, and subject you to uncomfortable and time-consuming pat-downs.

As I understand it, those with smaller frames are often classed as “female” for the purposes of the scan…that, combined with the “object” in your groin area more often than not results in a search, identifying the exact area.

Since I’ve started setting it up straight, I’ve gotten 0 pat-downs. Thought I’d pass it along.

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LPT Request: How to study optimally?

I study 8 subjects and I didn’t set a studying routine until now. I procrastinate all the time. But I take good notes and understand everything I am taught.

  1. How to write down a realistic, applicable studying schedule that I can easily adopt without procrastination? How much hours a day to devote for studying?

  2. I use pomodoro technique

  3. How to memorize definitions word to word

  4. Become good at math and physics?

  5. How to make studying a habit and always study on time?

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