The Legal Profession Faces an Epidemic (And It’s not Bird Flu)

The Mad Clientist – the blog of the BTI Consulting Group – has diagnosed a growing epidemic among law firms: complacency. “Wishes do come true,” they write. “Legal spending is up. The existential crisis is over. And urgency is retreating as success is just a little easier to come by.” The result, they say, is…… Continue Reading

Keeping the Customer Satisfied

Keeping the customer satisfied should be an important of every business today. This includes law firms, even though we refer to our customers as clients. My column in the Oklahoma Bar Journal, Keeping the Customer Satisfied, outlines some ideas to…

Slicing and Dicing the Demographics of Law-Firm Surveys

As my clients and those who have listened to my presentations are well aware, I am an avid proponent of the use of demographics as an analytic tool by law firms. I had the opportunity to expand on this stratagem in the most recent issue of Edge International Communique (EIC), in an article I entitled “Slicing and…… Continue Reading

Managing a Law Practice in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Managing a Law Practice in the Age of Intelligent Machines represents my attempt to speak to those lawyers who are perplexed by the number of things they are reading and hearing about law office automation and artificial intelligence replacing lawyers….

Unity of Direction

Leadership and management are two different concepts. But both involve working with others to reach common goals. Leadership in a law firm is challenging because lawyers are by their nature very independent and once a law firm has more than…