D.C. Police Hackers Sought to Shut Down 179,000 Accounts

Federal authorities said that when hackers took over two-thirds of Washington, D.C.’s police’s surveillance cameras shortly before the 2017 presidential inauguration, they were aiming at committing a massive ransomware scheme.

Russian hackers already targeted a Missouri senator up for reelection in 2018

A Democratic senator seeking reelection this fall appears to be the first identifiable target of Russian hacking in the 2018 midterm race. In a new story on the Daily Beast, Andrew Desiderio and Kevin Poulsen reported that Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was targeted in a campaign-related phishing attack. That clears up one unspecified target […]

GAO Seeks Stronger Federal Actions on Cybersecurity

The Government Accountability Office says that, “Threats around the globe are emerging and escalating, with foreign adversaries gaining expertise.” The agency says 1,000 of its 3,000 recommendations for changes are yet to be implemented.

Experts Cite Cybersecurity Concerns in 2020 Census

Concerns over data security have increased after revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm, harvested data from as many as 87 million Facebook profiles and that Russians involved stole personal information on 500,000 voters from one state’s elections website in 2016.