Alcatel 4G LinkZone Hotspot – It’s Not Safe Out There

Alcatel 4g LTE GSM T-mobile WiFi Linkzone Mw41 Hotspot | eBay. When you are out and about, or away for a weekend and staying in a hotel, it can be tempting to connect to the first free WiFi hotspot you can find. Even at Disney World, free WiFi has become the essential perk while traveling. But, unless you are willing to use a front end security system, over a VPN network, which can substantially slow browsing speeds, and which can be a pain to connect to, you are exposed to any hacker within the range of the WiFi hotspot. What to do? Why, get a WiFi Hotspot that connects to your smartphone network, of course. You can make your phone share its connection, by turning on the mobile hotspot setting; but, this competes with the phone's use, and can be limited by your carrier. Or, with a mobile hotspot like T-Mobile's Linkzone puck, you can buy as much bandwidth as your need, at 4G speeds, and a secure connection that is as secure as your carrier. I pay $30 a month for up to 6 Gigabytes of data, which is plenty for browsing on the go. Even with downloads, it is more than I use in a week of heavy use. Are you browsing safely when you are away from home and office?  Alcatellinkzone